GDPR Consultancy

Professional Management of Your GDPR Projects

Tacita has a range of off-the-shelf GDPR services which will meet the needs of most of our customers. For instances where specialist or one-off GDPR projects are required, Tacita can provide tailored GDPR consultancy.

Whether you need specialist advice on a niche GDPR topic, or simply want an external party to provide GDPR training, we will work with your business to provide expert assistance. 

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Expert Advice

Tacita's sole line of business is data privacy. We specialise in providing simple, efficient, management techniques to improve your compliance environment.

Transparent Pricing

We always aim to provide fixed upfront costs at reasonable prices. Detailed breakdowns on where we intend to use consulting hours are provided to you. We avoid nasty billing surprises and allow you to effectively budget for our services.

Specialist GDPR Consultancy

Tacita is highly experienced in specialist areas of privacy compliance. We have worked on projects with large medical databases, criminal offense databases, profiling databases with 100 million + entries, social media companies, and charities who protect vulnerable data subjects.

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Data Protection Consultancy Projects

Tacita has a range of off-the-shelf solutions for the most common data protection consultancy projects:

GDPR Audits

For a gap analysis report on your current GDPR compliance environment, Tacita's 'GDPR Audit' service will be of the most use.

Full GDPR Implementation

For projects looking to implement a new (or overhaul and existing) GDPR compliance environment, Tacita's 'GDRP Refresh' project is ideal.

GDPR Documentation Creation

Tacita has a 'GDPR Toolkit' containing ready made GDPR documentation.

For specialist projects, Tacita can discuss your specific needs and can provide an estimate for the cost of the project.

Highly Specialised Fields

For projects which require highly specialsed data privacy knowledge.

Departmental or Process Investigations

Investigations into departmental or process compliance.

In-person training

Virtual or in-person training on specialist GDPR topics.