An illustration of three tiny people at a computer, looking at Tacita's GDPR audit report.
GDPR Audit

Our GDPR audit provides a complete gap analysis of your GDPR environment and identifies the biggest risks facing your business. Our GDPR report provides an overall GDPR compliance score that quantifies your compliance and can be easily presented to management, investors, and business partners.

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An illustration of two people using Tacita's GDPR Toolkit.
GDPR Toolkit

Tacita's GDPR Toolkit is a library of GDPR documentation, containing GDPR training, policies, procedures, document templates, guides, and other useful governance tools. Spend less time creating GDPR documents and more time on your business.

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An illustration of a Tacita GDPR consultant leading a Refresh project.
GDPR Refresh

Tacita's GDPR Refresh Project is for organisations looking to have their GDPR compliance environment implemented by experts. The Tacita team will project lead the full implementation of a best practice GDPR compliance environment over the course of 2-3 months.

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An illustration of a woman using Tacita's Vendor Risk Management service to analyse the GDPR compliance of her third parties.
Vendor Risk Management

Are you unsure if the personal data you send to your clients is adequately protected? Use our Vendor Risk Management service to audit your third parties. Perform your due diligence and check that they are complying with the GDPR and have basic management structures in place. Where issues are found, our remedial actions and toolkit help your third parties to quickly rectify any issues found.

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Illustration of a Tacita GDPR consultant discussing an idea.
GDPR Consultancy

Tacita has a range of off-the-shelf GDPR services which will meet the needs of most of our customers. For instances where specialist or one-off GDPR projects are required, Tacita can provide tailored GDPR consultancy.

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