GDPR Refresh

Build a Best-Practice Environment with Tacita’s Experts

Are you looking to implement a best practice GDPR compliance environment? Or are you looking to update an existing one? Allow Tacita to project manage this for you. Over the course of 2-3 months, a Tacita GDPR consultant will work with your organisation to implement a best practice GDPR management structure with the long-term goal of self-sustainable compliance.

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Best Practice GDPR

Tacita will implement a best practice GDPR compliance environment within your organisation. We will manage implementation correctly from the start.

Project Managed By Experts

Avoid pitfalls and costly mistakes by trusting implementation to Tacita’s expert team. We will quality assure your documentation and check that it is up to standard.

Long-term Self Management

The long-term goal for our GDPR Refresh projects is to train your staff so that they are able to self-manage your GDPR compliance environment. We provide them with the knowledge and tools to be self-sufficient.

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Outcomes of the Project

GDPR Governance

Implementation of Tacita's recommended GDPR governance structure.

Roles and Responsibilities

Tacita will define and implement recommended GDPR roles and responsibilities.

GDPR Training

Tacita will conduct both basic and specialised GDPR training for all roles.

Data Mapping

Tacita will conduct a data mapping exercise to uncover all areas within your business that process personal data.

Creation of GDPR Documentation

Includes both legally required documentation and supporting management documents.

1-to-1 Sessions

1-to-1 sessions with business process owners to quality assure documents and check processes for GDPR compliance.


Implementation of GDPR and data security policies.

Technical and Organisational Measures

Creation of Technical and Organisational Measures documents.

Review of Website

Including the creation and management of privacy notices and website cookies.

Internal Auditing Plan

Introduction of a long-term GDPR internal auditing plan, allowing you to self-manage your GDPR compliance.

How is the Project Run?

2-3 Months

Project is typically run over a 2-3 month period.

Managed by Tacita

A Tacita GDPR Consultant will project manage from start to finish.

Train your Management Team

A representative from your organisation will be involved at all stages of the project and will be trained to self-manage the GDPR compliance environment in the long-term.

GDPR Toolkit

The project includes access to Tacita's GDPR Toolkit, which contains all the necessary documentation to build a best practice environment.

Fixed Price

We aim to provide a fixed cost upfront with a transparent fee structure.

Discovery and Execution

Our project is split into discovery and execution phases. The initial shorter discovery phase allows us to accurately discover initial project assumptions and provide you with an accurate cost upfront.
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Your partners in GDPR compliance

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