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Tacita provides a full spectrum of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) services. Check your current GDPR compliance status with our GDPR audit. Efficiently implement a new GDPR environment with our GDPR toolkit. Get hands on assistance with a project using our GDPR consultancy services. Or, review your personal data supply chain with our vendor risk management service.

What GDPR Services do we Provide?

Our GDPR gap analysis audits help you to quickly identify areas of concern within your GDPR environment. Get a percentage score to determine where your organisation sits compared with others.

We provide detailed reports which highlight broad areas to focus on, as well as prioritised remedial actions to help you quickly rectify any issues. Our recommended actions are designed to be understood by those with no experience of the GDPR, meaning that you can quickly and effectively act using your own resources.

All your GDPR documentation and training in one location. Eliminate unnecessary work and reduce time spent on creating GDPR documentation. Our GDPR toolkit contains a library of all things GDPR. Get access to our GDPR policies, procedures, templates, guides, training, and management tools.

Looking to implement a new GDPR environment for the first time? or are you looking to refresh an existing one? Tacita’s GDPR Refresh Project is a hands on consultancy project lead by one of Tacita’s GDPR experts.

We will project manage the implementation of a full best practice GDPR compliance environment. We will work with your organisation to create documentation, implement effective management systems for long-term, sustainable compliance. The end goal of the project is for your team to have a self-managed, best practice, GDPR compliance environment.

Are you unsure if the personal data you send to your clients is adequately protected? Use our Vendor Risk Management service to audit your third parties. Perform your due diligence and check that they are complying with the GDPR and have basic management structures in place.

Where issues are found, our remedial actions and toolkit help your third parties to quickly rectify any issues found.

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Incorrect management of website cookies is one of the most common areas of GDPR non-compliance. Businesses of all sizes and sectors are required to abide by the GDPR’s rules on the application of non-essential cookies and management of consent. But what does this mean for your website and your cookies? In this Tacita Tips we’ll be looking at some common questions that can help you to audit your website cookies.

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Deterrent rather than punishment: What does Instagram’s $403m fine mean for children’s data privacy

On 2nd September, Instagram and its parent company Meta were fined $403m for inadequate handling of children’s data under the EU GDPR. The fine was the culmination of a long running investigation by the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) into the social media company and is the largest fine that Meta has been issued to date. This fine is the second largest ever issued by a European data protection authority, following the €746m fine issued by the Luxembourg data authority against Amazon last year.

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