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Achieve compliance with our GDPR audit and assessment services:

Meet your GDPR legal obligations
Your organisation demonstrates its commitment to GDPR compliance.

Reduce risk
Reduce the risk of a data breach, brand damage and resulting financial penalties through expert advice and preparation.

Improve compliance
You are given the tools to implement industry best practice data protection.

Tacita’s GDPR Toolkit is one of the most cost-effective methods to close the gap towards GDPR compliance.

About our GDPR Assessment

We have developed an efficient, cost-effective assessment methodology that uses the minimum amount of time from your company resources. Using remote interview techniques, our GDPR gap analysis process will determine how assured we are that you are running an effective GDPR compliance program.

A Closed-Loop Solution

Assess. Recommend. Resolve.

Tacita’s audits find where there are gaps between GDPR best practice and your data protection environment. We will recommend remedial actions to be taken by your organisation based on industry best practice. Tacita also has a GDPR Toolbox, containing step by step guides, templates, training courses and procedures that your organisation can use to materially improve its GDPR compliance environment. We have created our services to improve your GDPR compliance in the shortest possible with the least disruption to your business.

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The Tacita Assessment Approach

  • Minimum disruption for your staff, we work around your schedule.
  • An objective assessment delivered by a GDPR expert
  • We will not recommend any unnecessary action - saving you money
  • Our recommendations come with prescribed solutions
  • We offer a range of GDPR assessments to fit your budget and suit organisations of all sizes
  • Receive the ‘assessed by Tacita’ stamp - demonstrating your commitment to GDPR compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of an external GDPR assessment?
External GDPR assessments are completely objective. Unlike an internal assessment, each data management aspect of your business will be reviewed with a critical eye. This is exactly how your company would be reviewed by the regulatory body in the event of a data breach.

An external GDPR assessment also provides validity, demonstrating that your company undertook due diligence and did everything possible to mitigate the risk of a data breach or leak. That’s why impartiality at the assessment and audit stage is so important.

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