GDPR Audit

Quickly Discover and Resolve Your GDPR Concerns

Tacita’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Audit is a comprehensive assessment of your GDPR compliance environment. Through a series short of interviews with key employees within your organisation, we will quickly discover any GDPR issues. We then provide tailored recommendations to help you quickly fix any issues that are found. All of our recommendations are prioritised, so that you know which issues to tackle first.

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GDPR Audits - A Multi-Purpose Tool

Who is it for?

Start Ups

Start ups with limited budgets and limited knowledge of the GDPR often use this service. We will teach you about the GDPR as the Audit progresses and create your first road map to compliance. When paired with our GDPR Toolkit, these services provide huge savings in both time and money.

Established Businesses

Our detailed report provides your executive team with the current status of your GDPR compliance environment. Your GDPR score can be used to compare your organisation to others and acts as a GDPR risk management tool.


Perform your due diligence before a merger or acquisition. Discover any GDPR compliance issues before sales are completed.

Why is it used?

Create a Road Map

Our GDPR Audit provides you with a comprehensive list of remedial actions. These actions are prioritised so that you know which areas to fix and which areas to focus on first.

Review Existing GDPR Management

Discover if your GDPR environment can be managed in a more efficient way. Improve your compliance, reduce time spent on management, and be safe in the knowledge that you are following best practice GDPR management.

Demonstrate Compliance

An external GDPR audit can act as proof of GDPR compliance for the benefit of shareholders, investors, third parties, clients, or customers.

Our Clients:

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GDPR Simplified

Get in contact to arrange your GDPR Audit. Results can be delivered within one week!

How Does it work?

Through a series of remote interviews, we will gain a complete picture of your GDPR compliance environment.

Select Participants

The Tacita assessor will work with you to help choose the most appropriate audit participants. We will schedule meetings to work around your schedules. Participants will only join meetings if they are absolutely needed.

Kick-off Meeting

A kick-off meeting will explain to audit participants how the process works.

Audit Questions

Remote meetings will occur with your audit participants. The Tacita assessor will ask approximately 200 questions to gain a full understanding of how you are managing GDPR compliance.

Report Handover

The Tacita assessor will score your answers and create a report for you. This report will be handed to you during a short meeting. The assessor will explain the main findings and assist you with next steps.
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What is produced?

Tacita’s GDPR Audit will produce a detailed report on your GDPR compliance environment. Including:

An Overall Score

A score out of 100% comparing you to a best practice GDPR environment.

An Executive Summary

The Executive Summary is targeted at senior management. It provides an overall score and a breakdown of broad areas to focus on. It highlights what the organisation is doing well, and where improvements need to be made.

Breakdown of Sections

Colour coded graphs highlight which areas of the audit you performed well in and which areas need to be improved. Remedial actions are colour coded and prioritised from critical to low priority.

Detailed Remedial Actions

A detailed summary of the question that Tacita asked, the answer which you provided, your score for that question, a remedial action, and the priority of that remedial action.