Director’s Statement – Vendor Risk Management service

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Tacita is proud to unveil our new Vendor Risk Management service!

Here’s what our Director of Sales, Joe Morgan had to say:

An often overlooked area of GDPR compliance is vendor risk management. As a data controller, your organisation is responsible for the personal data that you manage, but also of the personal data which you send to third parties. Tacita calls this the ‘personal data supply chain’. It is your organisations responsibility to verify that this personal data supply chain is meeting GDPR requirements. To help assist you with this task, Tacita has developed our GDPR vendor risk management service.

With this service, we have simplified the management of third parties, allowing you to effectively and efficiently assess the risk to your organisation. We assess third parties, provide you with a dashboard of results, and then work with your vendors to rectify issues found. In this way we hope to ‘close-the-loop’ on your Third Party Data Processors and provide you with GDPR compliance peace of mind.

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