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Liz Truss and UK GDPR
A lack of Truss – Why the Government’s plans to replace the UK GDPR are a threat to businesses and data subjects

At the Tory Party conference last week, the UK digital secretary Michelle Donelan announced that the Government planned to replace the UK GDPR with a new data protection legislation. Cutting through the buzz-words and political ‘phrase of the day’, the Government’s plans represent a potentially major change for UK businesses. This change may not be a positive one.

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Principles of the GDPR
Tacita Tips: What are the principles of the GDPR?

At the heart of the GDPR legislation lies the 7 fundamental principles. These guiding tenets underpin all aspects of the GDPR. But what are they and how do they affect your business’ GDPR compliance status? In this blog we’re going to look at each of the 7 principles in turn and provide practical examples of how they are applied in a day-to-day setting.

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Tacita Tips: Audit your website cookies

Incorrect management of website cookies is one of the most common areas of GDPR non-compliance. Businesses of all sizes and sectors are required to abide by the GDPR’s rules on the application of non-essential cookies and management of consent. But what does this mean for your website and your cookies? In this Tacita Tips we’ll be looking at some common questions that can help you to audit your website cookies.

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Photo of a shop window with a sign stating that the shop is closed due to covid-19.
Data Protection Guidance for Test and Trace Schemes

Since the easing of lockdown, during the summer of 2020, many organisations have implemented new measures so that they can re-open safely to the public. For most businesses, this included collecting customers’ and visitors’ personal information to support the UK Government’s approved contact tracing scheme.

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