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Photo of a shop window with a sign stating that the shop is closed due to covid-19.
Data Protection Guidance for Test and Trace Schemes

Since the easing of lockdown, during the summer of 2020, many organisations have implemented new measures so that they can re-open safely to the public. For most businesses, this included collecting customers’ and visitors’ personal information to support the UK Government’s approved contact tracing scheme.

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Have I been Pwnd? A Database of Data Breaches

The GDPR was introduced to provide EU citizens with greater protections and control over their personal data. It achieved this by introducing new rights for individuals and by imposing stricter data protection requirements on organisations. But what happens if your personal data was part of a data breach before the GDPR was introduced?

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Data Sharing Agreements: What is the Best Practice?

The ICO states that ‘…whenever a controller uses a processor, there must be a written contract (or other legal act) in place...’ The GDPR sets out what needs to be included in the contract. But what happens if you are a controller sharing data with another controller? You need a Data Sharing Agreement.

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Are Privacy Notices Just About the GDPR?

Every company has been focused on ensuring their privacy notices are compliant for GDPR, however there could be a blind spot. The GDPR may be the strongest privacy regulation in the world, but it isn’t the only one. For example, when your website uses cookies, your organisation must ensure that the Privacy and Electronic Communications…

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