Tacita GDPR Assessments determine how you are managing your GDPR environment.

 We have developed an efficient, cost effective assessment methodology that uses the minimum amount of time from your company resources. Using remote interview techniques, our GDPR gap analysis process will determine how assured we are that you are running an effective GDPR compliancy program.

Where there are gaps between GDPR best practice and your environment, we will recommend remedial actions to be taken by your organisation. You will also be issued with an Assurance Score to reflect our assessment of how you are managing your GDPR compliance environment. Assessments can then be conducted annually, acting as a GDPR health check. This ensures that you can maintain and improve your GDPR compliant environment.

1. Assess

Minimal disruption to your business.

Detailed assessments carried out by a Tacita Privacy Expert.

2. Recommend

Recommendations tailored to your organisation.

Advice based on supervisory authority standards and best practice.

3. Resolve

Prescribed solutions specific to your organisation’s needs.

A catalogue of training materials and templates for you to use.

We don't leave you with a problem, we 'close the loop' and provide prescribed solutions for the recommendations.

As part of this service you are able to carry the 'Assessed by Tacita' stamp which demonstrates your commitment to GDPR and gives you 'GDPR Compliance Peace of Mind'. 

We focus solely on GDPR assessments so are truly independent. We have a range of services to suit all organisations and budgets. By appointing Tacita you get:

  • Minimal disruption and low cost to your business

  • Objective analysis of how you manage your GDPR environment

  • A detailed report with a GDPR checklist of prioritised recommendations

  • An Assurance Score so you can monitor your progress

  • Access to the GDPR Toolkit to assist you in executing the recommendations in your report

  • 'Assessed by Tacita' stamp, demonstrating your commitment to GDPR compliance

  • GDPR Compliance Peace of Mind

Assessment Options

Tacita offers two tiers of service, Basic and Standard. Both options will fully assess your GDPR compliance and include a full GDPR compliance report. The Standard service gives you one-year access to Tacita's GDPR Toolkit and advice on how to implement Tacita's recommendations. See the table below for a comparison:

Basic Standard
Pre-assessment kick-off meeting.
Full assessment of your GDPR compliance determined through a 4-hour meeting with your GDPR responsible staff. The Tacita assessor will ask a suite of almost 200 questions to determine your organisations current GDPR compliance.
Full GDPR compliance report which includes:
  • GDPR assurance breakdown - How much assurance did your organisation give that they are GDPR compliant for each relevant area.
  • GDPR criticality breakdown – Not all GDPR aspects are equal. Tacita considers certain areas of the GDPR to be more critical to get right than others. Your criticality breakdown highlights the most important GDPR aspects which you should focus on improving first.
  • A full list of recommendations – For each question, where action is needed, Tacita provides a recommendation which will improve your GDPR compliance.
Post-assessment meeting to run through the GDPR compliance report.
Solutions for Tacita's recommendations. The recommendation tells you what you need to do to improve in an area; the solution tells you how to do it.
Full access to Tacita’s complete GDPR training material.
Full access to Tacita’s GDPR document templates.
Full access to Tacita’s recommended GDPR policies.
Full access to Tacita’s recommended GDPR procedures.

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