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GDPR compliance checklist

Simply and easily check your GDPR compliance with Tacita’s free GDPR Checklist download. Tacita’s GDPR Checklist Excel document contains the most important 21 questions on GDPR compliance, to allow you generate your own GDPR compliance score.


How does it work?

Tacita’s GDPR Checklist has been created so that you can quickly and simply check your own GDPR compliance. The checklist is an Excel document that generates an individual percentage score based on your own answers. The score is completely private and is not even viewable by Tacita.

Simply read each question and then answer using the drop-down options. Once all questions have been answered your personalised score will be generated. The checklist also provides useful information on the context and importance of each question. 

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Whether your score is poor, fine or excellent, Tacita offers a range of GDPR services to help you fix and maintain your GDPR compliance. Tacita is here to help you with your next steps towards compliance confidence.