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We are not about selling complex solutions or expensive consultancy. Tacita’s role is to provide the latest understanding and advice on how to manage GDPR compliance specific to your company.

Once GDPR issues are identified, by an efficient diagnostic survey, we can guide and support the quick & effective implementation of a corrective action plan.

The emphasis is on providing you with the information and tools to implement the fixes yourself, in this way your own internal team build on their knowledge & grow in experience.

It’s all about keeping you in control with cost efficient clear and effective solutions!

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Understand what is happening regarding GDPR across the business sector and how this could impact your compliance.

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Brexit impact on GDPR?
Ensure you have the latest knowledge to adjust your processes to stay within the law.

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Most business website Cookies are not legal
A poorly publicised EU court ruling may mean that your website cookies are no longer handled correctly.

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Whether it’s payroll, business systems, HR or key components, you are still responsible for ensuring your data is managed in compliance with the GDPR.

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