External Assessments

Why do we need an external assessment if we do our own internal audits?

It's a common question that can be heard. It can be understood that GDPR compliance audits are seen as expensive, time consuming and invasive. GDPR is a legal requirement that must be fulfilled and it does have indirect benefits. Clearly though, time spent on GDPR is not time spent on other activities that add business value. So the focus on external assessment or audit is put to one side.

There are no questions on the benefits of an independent third party reviewing your GDPR status. An external assessment will bring in a fresh pair of eyes, coming in with experience across multiple companies and industries and will be able to identify where there could be weaknesses in approach  which can then be mitigated by appropriate actions. This will improve the compliance environment, so that you are legal and very importantly, reduce the likelihood that data breach will occur. Without focusing too much on the 'fear factor' it does mean that a company can demonstrate due diligence to the data protection authorities should the worst happen and this will likely reduce any penalty and, more importantly, reduce brand damage.

About Us: Tacita is a leading General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance specialist operating from their base in the United Kingdom. This company helps clients maintain their GDPR compliance in a cost-effective manner with minimal disruption. Offering clear and actionable solutions, the company offers an unbiased service ensuring their clients save time, money, and energy when it comes to their GDPR requirements. Tacita provides a three-step process, which includes assessments, recommendations and resolutions with detailed reporting and data processing, record processing and privacy policies. Full details can be found at https://www.tacita.io/ 

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