GDPR Toolkit

Tacita has an entire catalogue of training material and related GDPR documents that we call our GDPR Compliance Toolkit. If you have purchased Tacita’s Standard Assessment Package, this toolkit is included in your purchase. Alternatively, if you are only interested in purchasing the training material and do not want an assessment, please contact us so that we can create a tailored package for you.

 Easy to use

Our toolkit is easy to navigate and use. Each area is clealy labelled and all templates come with instructive guides.


The toolkit contains all the necessary GDPR materials that your organisation may require.


We know that you want to focus on your day-to-day business, not GDPR compliance. Our toolkit takes the hassle out of compliance.

Creating compliant GDPR documents has never been easier

What you get in the Toolkit

Tacita’s training catalogue contains over 50 files including:

  • Training presentations on all key areas of the GDPR.
  • Templates for each of the key GDPR documents. These templates contain all legally required categories of information. In addition, Tacita has added extra categories that are useful for maintaining overall GDPR compliance.
  • Template and document guides giving detailed instructions on how to complete required GDPR templates and documents.
  • Procedures documents which give you a step by step protocol for key GDPR areas, e.g. how to respond to a subject access request, or determining if a data breach needs to be reported to a supervisory authority.
  • Data protection best practices which are a series of policies to help you maintain data security and GDPR compliance.
  • Governance documents including GDPR quality assurance reviews, action logs and internal audit guides.
  • Links to useful UK government documents. Since the introduction of the GDPR, the UK government has produced several useful guides, manuals, and documents on GDPR related topics. Unless you know exactly what you are looking for, these documents can be difficult to find. As part of the training package, Tacita provides links to the most useful ones (currently 25 documents).

Why purchase the Toolkit?

Tacita's GDPR toolkit is designed to make implementing our recommendations as simple as possible. Our training material starts from the very basics such as GDPR principles and individual rights, through to more complicated topics such as international transfers of personal data. We understand that your employee time is highly valuable, which is why we have created our documents and procedures so that they can be implemented from day one.

If you are only interested in purchasing part or all of Tacita's GDPR toolkit, please contact us below to arrange a tailored GDPR package. You can see a list of Tacita's core training modules here. To see Tacita's GDPR Assessment options click here.

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