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Our trusted GDPR consultants can help you achieve and maintain GDPR compliance as easily and cost effectively as possible. Tacita undertakes external, independent audits of your compliance environment

Protect your business. Stay compliant. 

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Why choose Tacita for your GDPR Audit?

 Least Business Disruption

Our audits have been designed to work around your schedule with the least disruption to your employees.

Expert Advice

The audit will be conducted by GDPR-compliance experts with a combined 30 years of experience in consultancy.

Independent and objective

We focus solely on GDPR compliance. You can be certain that what we recommend is necessary and we will not try to up-sell software or other services.

 Our professional GDPR assessment - what’s involved? 

Our GDPR assessments are designed to review your GDPR compliance environment and determine how you are managing the personal data within your business.

You will receive a GDPR compliance report that gives you detailed information on what needs to be actioned, how urgent it is and the immediate steps that you should take to remedy any gaps.

Assessment Info

Assessment Options

Tacita offers two tiers of service, Essential and Premium. Both options will fully assess your GDPR compliance and include a full GDPR compliance report. The Premium service gives you step by step solutions to improve your organisations GDPR compliance and one-year access to Tacita's GDPR Toolkit. The toolkit contains templates, presentations, training courses and procedures on how to implement Tacita's recommendations. See the table below for a comparison:

Essential Premium
Pre-assessment kick-off meeting.
Full assessment of your GDPR compliance determined through a 4-hour meeting with your GDPR responsible staff. The Tacita assessor will ask a suite of almost 200 questions to determine your organisations current GDPR compliance.
Full GDPR compliance report which includes:
  • GDPR assurance breakdown - How much assurance did your organisation give that they are GDPR compliant for each relevant area.
  • GDPR criticality breakdown – Not all GDPR aspects are equal. Tacita considers certain areas of the GDPR to be more critical to get right than others. Your criticality breakdown highlights the most important GDPR aspects which you should focus on improving first.
  • A full list of recommendations – For each question, where action is needed, Tacita provides a recommendation which will improve your GDPR compliance.
Post-assessment meeting to run through the GDPR compliance report.
Solutions for Tacita's recommendations. The recommendation tells you what you need to do to improve in an area; the solution tells you how to do it.
Full access to Tacita’s complete GDPR training material.
Full access to Tacita’s GDPR document templates.
Full access to Tacita’s recommended GDPR policies.
Full access to Tacita’s recommended GDPR procedures.


Our Essential GDPR Assessment service includes:

  • Meeting with one of our GDPR compliance experts  
  • Full assessment of your business and its data management processes
  • Full post-assessment GDPR report and meeting to discuss all findings
  • A complete list of recommendations specific to your business. These recommendations are organised by criticality, so that you know which tasks to prioritise. 

Our Premium GDPR Assessment includes all the above, as well as:

  • Step by step solutions for Tacita’s recommendations. By following them, you are able to  mitigate any gaps and weaknesses found in your GDPR compliance environment. 
  • Full access to Tacita’s GDPR training materials
  • Full access to Tacita’s GDPR document templates 
  • Full access to Tacita's GDPR policies
  • Full access to Tacita’s procedures

The price is determined by the complexity of the business. Call us to discuss to get a specific quotation for the organisational scope of the assessment that you would like to execute.

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Joe Morgan

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The Tacita Assessment Approach

  • Minimum description for your staff
  • An objective assessment delivered by a GDPR expert
  • We will not recommend any unnecessary action - saving you money
  • Our recommendations come with prescribed solutions
  • We offer a range of GDPR assessments to fit your budget and suit organisations of all sizes
  • Receive the ‘assessed by Tacita’ stamp - demonstrating your commitment to GDPR compliance.

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