About Us

Ken and Andy, the founders of Tacita, have a combined eight decades of experience working at senior levels in small and medium enterprises and blue chip organisations. In 2006, they founded and ran their own successful IT/IT security consultancy. From their experience in the consultancy world, they saw a need for easier, more cost effective GDPR solutions. Tacita was created in 2019 to address this need.  

Our Vision

Our vision is to make your GDPR compliance processes as efficient and cost effective as possible.

How are we achieving this?

At Tacita, we put a high value on your employee time. We understand that complying with the GDPR can be a daunting and disrupting task. We have created a low disruption, low cost, GDPR assessment service that determines your current compliance level. Our gap analysis process  identifies the key areas where your business has fallen behind and gives industry best practice recommendations so that you can improve. Our GDPR Toolkit was created to make implementing our recommendations as easy possible. We aim to give our clients the confidence that they are doing the right thing, so that they can achieve GDPR compliance peace of mind.

As GDPR compliance is Tacita's only business service, you can be certain that our sole focus is on giving you an independent unbiased assessment.  We do not try to sell other IT security services or consultancy packages.

You only need to talk to one of our reference customers to discover the results that they have achieved.